Leah Feliz

Owner / Trainer

Experience: More than 25 years
Specialization: Hunter / Jumper, Horsemanship, Endurance


    About Leah

    Leah Feliz grew up in Palo Alto, California and has had horses in her life since she was just a couple of years old. She and her sister spent most of their free time in the foothills, riding from dawn to dusk and even camping out with their horses in forts they built in the woods.

    When Leah went off the college, she had to sell her childhood horse Blaze, but she never forgot the passion and love she felt for her horse. While getting her Bachelor of Science at UC San Diego, she found ways to ride and continued riding throughout her life. When she had her own children, her youngest son developed his own passion for horses working for the Square Peg Foundation, a therapeutic riding program in Half Moon Bay. There, Leah rediscovered her love for horses and working with children. She quickly bought her son a beautiful Thoroughbred mare named Pearl, who was from New Zealand and had come to the United States to run on the track. Square Peg had rescued Pearl and she joined Leah’s family. Leah and Pearl spent several years racing in the sport of endurance. During that time Leah also purchased an anglo-arab mare named Halle and it was with Halle that Leah grew in her knowledge of Horsemanship. With the help of Chris Ellsworth and his horsemanship clinics, Leah learned more about herself from Halle than from any other experience. Halle taught her how to communicate with horses and how to give them the best life possible. Sadly, Leah lost Pearl to an injury in 2013 and the loss was so great that she wasn’t sure if she would ever find a way to heal. During that time she met Cassandra Keith and their friendship would lead Leah not only to purchase many more horses, but to leave her full-time career to partner with Cassandra teaching and training in the hunter-jumper sport.

    Leah has also participated in multiple clinics with Julie Winkel, received certification in Carla Bauchmueller’s Centered Riding Master Class Program and continues to train in the hunter-jumper sport. Her extensive knowledge and experience in horsemanship, equine nutrition and wound care have given Leah the opportunity to work with many horses and successfully maintain their health and wellbeing. She hopes to spend the rest of her life helping more children build confidence and motivation through a bond with a horse, as well as dedicating her time to caring for the horses in her life to ensure they live in the best conditions possible.

    Leah feels strongly that Five Star Equestrian has a philosophy that lends itself to building confidence in its clients and horses and that, along with Cassandra’s extensive knowledge in the hunter-jumper sport, their program will provide a place for young riders to thrive. Leah rides and shows in hunter-jumpers and you will find her at the barn or in a pasture with her horses just about any day.

    There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.
    – Winston Churchill