Introductory Lesson

(Available to New Clients Only)

  • $80 one (1) lesson, only if paid in cash
  • No commitment to additional lessons necessary

Beginner/Recreational Rider
(Single Individual Lesson ~ Prices Per Client No Commitment)

  • $100 for 30 minute group or private lesson
Five Star Equestrian Policies

Program & Billing Policies

Please read and complete our forms prior to your lesson. If you have any questions or comments, please call us at (650) 440-2450 or email 5starequestrian@gmail.com.

FSE Packages

Choose Yours

FSE offers individualized packages for those interested in multiple sessions.

Introductory Package


4 lessons paid up front ($90 per lesson, used within two months of start date).
Offered to new students for up to 2 months.

Beginner & Intermediate Rider Package


8 lessons paid up front ($80 per lesson, clients rides twice a week; lessons to be used within 2 months of start date)

Policy On Packages

  1. Clients have 2 months to complete pre-paid package; packages are non-refundable; certain extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness or other family emergency) may warrant an extension to allow for a client to complete his/her lessons. We are unable to offer makeups, but provide the extra time to allow for students to use up their lessons over a two month period.
  2. Lesson packages MUST be paid by the first day of each package in order to maintain discounted rate and guarantee the client’s spot in lessons. If payment is not received on time the lesson spot may be made available to other riders.
    a) Introductory Package: (4 lessons) payment is due no later than the first lesson of the new package. This package is only available for new students for up to two (2) months.
    b) Regular Package: (8 lesson) payment is due no later than the first lesson of the new package. This package is available to beginners and new students who are not yet jumping courses. Once a student is jumping regularly they must either lease or purchase a horse and move to the lesson program.
  3. Lessons are transferrable to immediate family members only; otherwise, packages are non-transferrable.
  4. Once a student has completed four (4) lessons, they will be asked to purchase their own helmet, gloves, riding breeches, boots, crop and spurs. We can help you with these purchases.
  5. The goal of our lesson program is to provide time for beginner riders to learn to ride for the first time, develop low level jumping skills (up to x-rails) and understand how to move into hunter/jumper competition. Once a rider has reached the ability to course a x-rail course independently they will need to either lease or purchase a horse and move into the training program.